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Empower Multicultural Communities, enriched with African Immigrants Leadership and Cultural influence express their Cultural competencies both in English and Swahili.


To transform our community in creating educational opportunity for African Immigrants where English as a Second Language, Swahili and  other African languages are offered in tutorial Classes.



  1. To enable, stimulate and promote acquaintance, friendship and unity among African Immigrants in North America by promoting social and Cultural activities and interaction within and between our local Communities .

  2. To address the needs and challenges peculiar to our members by promoting co-operative efforts and developing strategic partnerships with philanthropic, Cultural, educational, economic empowerment and other social services.i

  3. To increase awareness and facilitate access to the gainful exploitation of educational opportunities in North America through better networking, training and other innovative programs in English, Swahili, and other African Languages through translation and interpretation

  4. To build partnerships with key stakeholders in education that will facilitate the growth of cultural, philanthropic,  and educational interests between the peoples of African and North America which shall be contacted in English andSwahili.

  5. To promote and protect our unique African Immigrants Cultural identity through regular social, educational and  cultural activities, sports,  and Religious functions in English and Swahili. 

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